The Family and Consumer Science (FCS) department offers a range of classes to meet practical arts graduation requirements. These topics include  child development, nutrition and wellness, housing/interior design and career courses. 

The child development students discover how children learn and have been visiting the Pre-K to observe and interact with children. We just finished our toddler unit and students made a page for a "quiet book" that demonstrated their understanding of engaging activities for toddlers. 

Housing students are currently working on principles of design and we recently finished color as an element of design. Students created a 12 color wheel with tint and shade of each hue using paint and the 3 primary colors. Once we finish interior design we will be discussing styles of houses, construction, and floor plans. 

Foods classes learn about each food group and then prepare a recipe based on that food. Nutrition and wellness class focuses on the nutrients provided by each food group and lab experiences are centered  on correct equipment  and following and  reading a simple  recipe that could be duplicated at home. 

The advanced food classes have been expanding on knowledge of recipes by analyzing costs and working with converting measurements and weights. This provides an opportunity for students to apply math concepts in situations they will encounter on a regular basis as adults. They also make recipes that are more complex which teach them time management. In a few weeks we will begin our cultural foods unit and students will be preparing a complete dish from a country that they have researched. 

Any student that has taken a FCS course is eligible to join FCCLA. We are always looking for students interested in participating!