Greenfield R-IV Offers Nutrition Class

Mrs. Robertson's Nutrition Class has begun completing food labs this semester and they are off to a delicious start.

Nutrition students first lab highlighted the use of eggs.  Eggs are a staple food item in most kitchens and an excellent source of protein.  Students spotlighted the use of this common protein by exploring omelet recipes. A selection of meat, vegetables, and cheeses were available to students to customize their dishes.

Nutrition's latest lab was a bit more involved as students learned how to make a basic white sauce in which they turned into an Alfredo sauce. Students added broccoli and served this delicious combination over noodles.  All students did an excellent job and seemed to really enjoy their end products. Mrs. Robertson states, “I really enjoy watching this group expand their repertoire of cooking skills. They are doing an excellent job!”

Greenfield R-IV’s Nutrition Class is creating a culture of food responsibility while giving our students the ability to have a knowledgeable hand in their own health and wellness! Way to go Mrs. Robertson and students!