1st Quarter Awards Assembly

Greenfield R-IV Junior High and High School held their 1st Quarter Awards Assembly on October 18th, 2019. The assembly was held to showcase students who received top-notch marks in the following categories: "All A" Honor Roll, "A/B" Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance. As students were called down to the gymnasium floor to receive their awards, it was evident just how invested our Junior High and High School students are in making the district one of honor and achievement. Grades 7-12 boasted 42 students on A/B Honor Roll, 19 students on All A Honor Roll, and 46 students with Perfect Attendance! Following the conveyance of awards, the assembly took a new spin on things. Students and teachers participated in a district wide game of Pictionary. Teachers would draw on a white board a subject they drew from a hat and the student body would guess their drawings. Our teachers got pretty creative with their drawings and the students had a great time guessing! The assembly encompassed praise, fun, and a sense of community for the Junior High and High School buildings. Congratulations kids and teachers! Your contributions to the district are a source of extreme pride and we look forward to seeing these numbers grow!