Welcome Back Greenfield Junior High

Dear Families,

            Welcome back to another exciting year in the Greenfield Junior High!  It seems like the summer just keeps getting shorter and shorter.  I hope that all families were able to spend time together and make lasting memories over summer break.  Moving forward, I hope to make those memories continue throughout the school year.  I would like to thank all the families that took time out of their day to attend Open House.  It was nice to welcome back all 8th grade students as well as greet all incoming 7th grade students. 

            During Open House the families in attendance were able to hear a few of our policy changes from our principal.  Those changes include having detentions in the morning, no cell phones in the classrooms, restrooms, and locker rooms, and the addition of home-rooms for students in the morning.  It will take some time for students to adjust to these new policies and procedures, but they are necessary to establish a better learning environment.

            Personally, I am super excited to see what will happen in the Greenfield Junior High this year.  We have an amazing staff that is dedicated to making sure every student succeeds.  As this new journey begins our staff looks forward to partnering with the parents and community members to create the best educational experience for our students.  To learn about a culture, we listen to the stories.  To change the culture, we must change the stories.  As we continue to shape the culture at Greenfield, I look forward to changing the stories with all of you!


Mr. Dobson