Message from the Principal

Parents/Guardians and Community Members of the Greenfield R-4 School District:

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season and the New Year has started off well. Our faculty and staff are excited to be back, with a strong focus on continuing to improve student motivation and relationships with each other and beginning to prepare for MAP and EOC testing coming in spring. As we move into the dog days of winter, this is a great time to re-evaluate our policies and procedures to stay sharp.

I encourage everyone to help us hold our students accountable for their attendance and punctuality at school and practices. Per Greenfield Handbook policy, an absence occurs when a student misses more than ten minutes of any class period, this includes being ten minutes late to school. Our teachers are doing an excellent job of preparing lessons for your students and educating them to the best of our abilities, and we want your child to be here to ensure they are not missing out on the positive change in our school. We are proud of the education that we are giving the students of this school district.

Along with attendance at school, we are putting effort into improving our student relationships with each other and giving them leadership opportunities. This semester we have started a Wildcat Café during our morning time, which is led by our National Honor Society chapter. The focus of the Wildcat Café is to give our students time to tutor each other in various subjects and to allow them time to grow together through education. Please take time to check in with your student at night to make sure they have their homework completed. If not, encourage them to arrive at school by 8 A.M to utilize this opportunity.

With our winter athletics being in full swing, we remind you of proper conduct at extra-curricular events. We encourage everyone to cheer on our student-athletes in a positive manner. Please remember that when you come to an event, you are a guest of our school or a guest of the school where the game is taking place. If at any time the administrator on duty determines a fan is demonstrating unsportsmanlike behavior, you will be asked to leave the game, with the possibility of being banned from attending events for the remainder of the school year. Refusal to leave will result in a law enforcement escort off the premises. More information can be found on page 47 of our student handbook.  

We are extremely happy that you are a part of our community and have chosen the Greenfield School District to educate your children. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions via email at It’s a great day to be a Wildcat!

Yours in Education,

Mr. Hyde