Senior Night

       As the season began nearing the end, both Greenfield Basketball programs took the time to recognize its senior student athletes. Senior Night is a great time to showcase the commitments our seniors have put into the athletic program at Greenfield High School, as well as learn a bit more about their future as they prepare to continue to college or the workforce.  

      The Lady Wildcats held senior night on February 12, 2019 following their contest with Marionville. The Lady Wildcats recognized three seniors in Kiarra Mai, Harley Stapp, and Lauren Jones. All three seniors have been dedicated four-year athletes to the basketball program and have invested a great deal of time, effort, and enthusiasm into its growth. All three of these senior ladies are first class individuals both in the classroom and on the basketball court. The program cannot say enough positive things about this group and will tremendously miss the leadership skills they possess.

     The Wildcats held senior night on February 14, 2019 before their match-up with Marionville. The Wildcats will be bidding farewell to a much larger senior class than the Lady Wildcats. The boys team included a notable sum of nine senior athletes. Senior Wildcats for the 2018-2019 season are as follows: Tyrell Stafford, Gage Burns, Jacob VanKam, Seth Trask, Jonathan Dowler, Jonathan Ellis, Brandon Matthews, Trenton Wilson, Nico Murray, and Bailey Baker. Having such a large group of seniors, the boys basketball program was fortunate to display exceptional leadership during each contest. This group will be missed not only for their athletic abilities, but also their stand-up character.

     Thank you goes out to all Basketball Seniors! You have devoted your time, energy, and influence into Wildcat Athletics and the district is lucky to have you represent Wildcat culture. Good luck to your future and best wishes on conquering all your goals and dreams!