Welcome to the world of third grade where the excitement of learning never stops. Fallis a special season for us, and this year, we’ve embarked on a fantastic journey of learning, creativity, and fun. Let me take you through our memorable experiences, including a fabulous fall carnival and an educational pumpkin patch field trip.

Our Fall Carnival Extravaganza:
To celebrate the spirit of the season, our school PTO organized a Fall Carnival. Third
grade families eagerly participated in putting together a Halloween themed basket for
the silent auction. I saw many families participating in the fun events the carnival had to
offer. It was heartwarming to see such teamwork and enthusiasm in this event.

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip:

One of the highlights of our fall journey was our field trip to Country Roads Family Fun Farm. Each student got to pick out their very own pumpkin to bring home. The students were amazed by the size and shapes of pumpkins, and they carried their chosen ones with pride.

Culmination of Learning:
The fall season allowed our third graders to not only learn about various subjects but
also to embrace the beauty of nature and the joy of creativity. It’s amazing how the
simple elements of fall can inspire young minds to learn, work together, and express
their ideas.

As a third-grade teacher, I’m thrilled to have shared these remarkable experiences with
my students. It’s a reminder of the magic that education can be when we blend learning
with real-world experiences. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year
brings, but we’ll always cherish the memories we have made in the school year so far.