Representative Mike Kelley

As we approach the beginning of the Second Quarter, teachers and administrators in both Greenfield school buildings are stressing the district’s anti-bullying message.  To decrease the likely hood that bullying does take place and to improve how the district handles bullying, district administrators have been working hard to educate all staff on how to properly identify bullying and how to come up with solutions to stop bullying from occurring.  In addition to anti-bullying education, administrators and district counselors have worked to provide all staff the opportunity to be more active in the district’s “Comprehensive Character Development Program”. 

In the Elementary School, Mr. Cox has set aside a few minutes of each morning to begin the day with character education.  The character education taking place in the elementary school is a continuation of what teachers have been doing for years at the elementary level.  However, by requiring all students to meet in the gym each morning for character education, Mr. Cox has created a building wide ownership of the character education.  It is the belief of Mr. Cox and all Elementary School faculty, that by promoting the opposites of disrespectful behavior and bringing out the best in their students, Greenfield Elementary is fighting back against bullying.

In the Junior High and High School, Mr. Hyde has been just as active with his students and staff in combating bullying.  “We had our students create anti-bullying posters the first week of school to create a positive school environment and Mrs. Breedlove is working hard to provide resources about bullying with her “Counselors Corner” and by providing both one on one sessions and group sessions to students,” said Mr. Hyde.  In addition to these attempts at educating student against bullying, the Junior High and High School recently had Representative Mike Kelley stop by to deliver an anti-bullying message to all students.  With the overwhelming positive reaction from Representative Kelley’s presentation, Mr. Hyde is actively working on scheduling additional speakers for the 2018-19 school year.

While efforts are being made within the district, stressing an anti-bullying message and decreasing bullying are not the same thing.  It is the belief of the Greenfield R-IV School District that students should not have to face bullying during their school day.   Parents, school staff, and other members of the community all have a role in stopping bullying.  By talking about it with teachers and students, continuing to build a safe school environment and implementing community-wide anti-bullying strategies, Greenfield can decrease bullying inside and outside of the classroom.  Stopping bullying is the goal and it will take everyone, district employees and community members, working together to make sure that happens.