Welcome to Miss Harry’s 4th Grade Class!

A big project the fourth graders are finishing up this week is our turkey project. This turkey project is a writing assignment where we heavily incorporate sensory details and figurative language examples to write a persuasive paper to convince shoppers to buy our turkeys for Thanksgiving over all other turkeys. 

We spent a week reviewing, identifying, and practicing different types of figurative language such as onomatopoeia, hyperbole, simile, personification, etc. Then we review ways to describe things using our five senses, imagining how we can use our senses around that time of preparing those holiday meals. 

Then the students spend time brainstorming different examples they want to use for their turkeys, give their turkey a name, and let their creativity shine. These writings always turn out to be so fun in the end.

After finalizing our final draft, they translate their writing onto a turkey. After they finish their writing, they are invited to decorate their turkeys with side dishes, platters, etc. It is a project that gets the students’ imaginations going in ways they may never have thought of doing and we always have so much fun making our turkeys.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from Greenfield’s fourth grade class!