Greenfield R-IV has been seeing positive student growth.  St. Louis University’s PRiME Research Center published their 2022 Missouri Statewide Student Growth Report.  Greenfield R-IV is listed as fourth for overall growth in English & Language Arts (ELA) for grades 5-8 and listed first in the subgroup growth on the state list for ELA in Grades 5-8.  The researchers used a universal metric of looking at the middle school grades of 5-8 at all Missouri schools. Since Greenfield’s students in Grades 5-8 are in separate buildings, this is a celebration for both our elementary and junior high.   

Because students take MAP tests in Grades 3–8, growth scores are only available in Grades 4–8, as students in Grade 3 have no prior test scores from which to estimate growth. Applying this to Greenfield High, growth for students in Grade 6 would include MAP scores from years prior, when students were in elementary school grades 3-5, to estimate growth. 

Specifically for Greenfield High, the PRiME Growth Score is a measure of the average student growth of all students or students in the Subgroup in Grades 6, 7, and 8. Importantly, Greenfield High's Subgroup student growth in ELA is higher than all other middle schools in the state. Additionally, Greenfield ranks #4, higher than nearly all other middle schools, for schoolwide student growth in ELA.  A score of 90-100 is excellent, like the score of 98.1 that Greenfield High received in Middle School Schoolwide ELA or the 99.6 that Greenfield High received in Middle School Subgroup ELA.

Source for Tables 9 &10: https://www.sluprime.org/educa... 

Great things were also happening in Greenfield Elementary. Greenfield Elementary had excellent Growth Scores–Schoolwide ELA Growth Score of 90.9 and Subgroup ELA Growth Score 91.3 (again, above 90 is excellent). 

Additionally, Greenfield R-IV was one of only 10 Missouri schools recognized by the PRiME Research Center for seeing an increase in growth following challenges due to COVID-19.  

“Ten schools appeared on PRiME top-20 student growth lists in 2021 and 2022, and also managed to increase the percentage of students scoring proficient or advanced on one or more sections of the MAP test. Despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools shown below stood out amongst their peers. We commend these schools for their outstanding efforts to move student learning forward in the midst of a national crisis.”

                                                                                                    -The PRiME Research Center, St. Louis University

Source: PRiME Research, St. Louis University https://www.sluprime.org/prime...

We would like to recognize and celebrate the hard work from our students and staff which led to this outstanding achievement!