Greenfield High School will now offer three seated dual credit courses through Crowder College—Introduction to Western Philosophy, World Religions, and Ethics. Dual credit classes are an excellent value for students and families alike: for a reduced rate, students take one class which satisfies both their high school graduation requirements and also counts as a college class, meaning it won’t have to be taken later.

All three seated dual credit classes are taught by Mr. Teel, whose academic degrees are in philosophy and religious studies.

“The great thing here,” he says, “is that all colleges require students to take a certain number of classes in the Humanities, which are academic disciplines studying human society and culture. A diligent student can, over the course of two or three semesters, knock out all of their Humanities credits right here in Greenfield, before they ever set foot on a college campus."

Intro to Western Philosophy introduces students to philosophical questions posed by western thinkers, as well as the impact of those questions on wider culture and history. In Philosophy, students look at how we know what we know, the relationship of faith and reason, what makes a “good life,” and different models of the perfect society. Philosophy is offered in the fall semester.

In World Religions, students survey and compare the great world religions, emphasizing concepts of the divine, creation, humanity, scripture, ethics, and salvation/enlightenment. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between religious beliefs and other elements of society and culture, like art and architecture. World Religions is offered in the spring semester. 

In Ethics, students discuss competing concepts of the good—whether those are grounded in a religious outlook, the dictates of one’s conscience, a sense of duty, law and order, or the general welfare. Ethics is a very practical class, which helps students begin to articulate their own moral code. Ethics is offered in the spring semester.

For more information about the seated dual credit class, contact the counselors’ office at the high school (417.637.5323) or Mr. Teel directly (mteel@greenfieldr4.org).