#W1ldcats grant

Greenfield Elementary is the recipient of a grant from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks Louis L. and Julia Dorothy Coover Charitable Foundation.  The Greenfield Elementary Garden Project will serve as a location for teachers to have outdoor science lessons and for students with special needs to have sensory breaks throughout the day, and various organizations to come read, play games or garden with the elementary students. The space could be a meeting location for our PTO, school clubs, and community organizations such as 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Greenfield youth area athletic association and community planning meetings.

The first step in improving our garden space at Greenfield Elementary involves building a fence around the basement steps. Next, we will remove current weeds and overgrown grass and level the area. We will be bringing in seating that will allow for a classroom or small community group to host a meeting. We will provide a shade structure over the seating, or at least part of the seating. We will complete the project with landscaping, installing flower and vegetable boxes for each classroom or group, painting the fencing, and putting in a shed to store tools for garden use.   

We're excited to get started on this project and see the benefits of its use after completion!